NORKA AUTOMATION offers an extensive range of services related to control systems for lighting technology and control systems for building technology. The range includes research and development as well as project solutions for existing as well as new facilities in many different work and living areas:

Industry   Business   Urban   Sport   Agriculture

Make use of individual aspects of our services such as consultancy and planning, or take advantage of our complete solutions including commissioning and support.

Innovation, research and development

LED Modules

  • LED multiphysics simulation
  • Efficiency optimisation
  • Diode characteristic curve analysis


  • Damage analysis
  • Analysis of failure causes
  • Reliability calculation for LED systems
  • FMEA
  • Reliability increase for LED modules


  • Operational data capturing for lamps
  • Operational data feedback
  • Needs-orientated and predictable maintenance
  • LED failure database

Product development

  • Function development of lighting control systems
  • Customised lamp development
  • Electronic development
  • Application-orientated sensor development
  • Prototype construction
  • Control cabinet installation
  • Lamps with dynamic spectral range
  • LED lights for special purposes
  • Digital control system for soft on/off
  • Energy efficiency and longevity


  • Industrial control system
  • Flexible and individually scalable
  • Many integrated functions:
  • Daylight control
  • Motion detection
  • Timer
  • Central switching
  • Section switching
  • Central monitoring
  • Remote monitoring
  • Energy monitoring

Safety and building automation

  • Skylight control
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Monitoring of water pipes
  • Monitoring of water troughs
    (frost / leakage)
  • Door monitoring
    (exterior doors / sensitive rooms)
  • Activity control
  • Email and SMS notification
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