FIBA München Pasing
Complex. Innovative. Economical.

For the maintenance and treatment facility of the DB, comprising 5 maintenance tracks, NORKA AUTOMATION designed a lighting installation custom-designed for the particular needs of the facility. During the commissioning phase our team responded flexibly to altered specifications, ensuring the system was implemented according to requirements and ready-to-use. Control and monitoring/testing of emergency lighting in a central control cabinet. Complete and sectional optimal work light, worker friendly, economical, long-lasting and future-proof.

  • 1,500 NORKA lights across 3 lighting levels.
  • 70 NORKA single-battery security/emergency lights
  • 32 daylight sensors and 120 radar detectors
  • Daylight regulation
  • Motion detection
  • Night light function
  • Energy monitoring
  • Failure detection
  • Electronic test log book VDE 0108-100
  • Connection to GLT
  • Communication of 3 controllers via ModBus/TCP
  • Visualisation
  • Remote maintenance

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