Private equestrian centre

A complete solution to provide horse-friendly lighting for indoor and outdoor riding arenas, lunging facilities and access routes was created for this equestrian centre.

The indoor arena lighting ensures light is shed uniformly across the entire area. A broad spectrum of light prevents glare. Bright, soft light reduces the formation of shadows and improves horses’ visual comfort, allowing them to be more relaxed and concentrated when working.

Switching on or off, or adapting of the intensity can be done very softly to be particularly horse-friendly.

The LED lamps used in the latest technology are long-lasting, effective and energy-saving. Our control systems offer flexibility to suit various individual requirements such as daylight control, motion detection, timer programmes, central control and monitoring.

Many safety and building automation functions can be integrated into the control system, providing smart control and monitoring of the facilities and stables. These include time or motion-controlled activation/deactivation of stable and outdoor lighting, control of skylights and ventilation, monitoring of water troughs for frost and leakage, door monitoring, and event notification via email and SMS.

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