Our Team and business segments

NORKA Automation is specialized in intelligence for light and building automation and develops control systems for individual lighting concepts for industry, railways and the sports sector. Lighting and automation specialists with the best education and the newst knowledge in electrical engineering, software development, automation and physics form the effective competence team of NORKA Automation for development and support. All departments are highly specialized.

We develop optimal control systems for lighting technology with the aim of realising lighting concepts individually tailored to the area of application and the people working in these areas. The highest possible quality of light, best lighting comfort, extremely long lifetime and lowest possible energy consumption are the self-imposed mandatory standards. If required and possible, we combine intelligent solutions for lighting control with many functions of the building management system to create integrated solutions. Our own products of prediktive maintenance and the option of remote access reduce your maintenance costs and prevent faults.

Our services and competences

In the field of equine lighting and riding facility management, we pursue our approach of an intelligent and fully automated riding facility - SmartStable® - with a lighting concept that is tailored to the horses' vision. We research on the subject of equine vision and publish our research results regularly.

We develop effective LED solutions for specialized lighting luminaries: controllable stroboscope luminaires, tailor-made retro-fit solutions, high-output luminaires or horticulture luminaires are just some of the many examples. We use our specialized luminaires in conjunction with our control solutions to optimise existing systems and to ensure the future-proof planning of new objects.

Furthermore, we have great expertise in the field of failure analysis of LEDs, LED modules and LED luminaries. With investigations into the failure behaviour of DALI lighting systems in conjunction with network analyses, the causes of failure are considered in the entire application. Our many years of experience in this field are proven by the many investigation results we have obtained for our partners.

We introduce ourselves briefly

We specialise in intelligence for lighting and building technology and develop control systems for individual lighting solutions for industry, railways and sports.

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We can prove our competence for intelligence in the field of lighting and building automation with various reference projects.

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In the short and medium term, we plan to expand our team of lighting engineers and developers. Take a look!

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For the implementation of our projects we work together with our trustworthy and reliable partners.

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We are involved in equestrian sports as a sponsor. The team "NORKA Automation" of the vaulting club Cologne-Dünnwald is sponsored by us.

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