Individual product development - from concept via prototyping to series production

Every product arises from a visionary idea. However, it is a long way of product development from the first idea to the completed serial product. This is because successful product development is an iterative process that requires a targeted and methodical approach. Throughout the development process, many decisions are made - decisions about materials, manufacturing processes, assembly sequences, and so on. These decisions are made based on the background of a huge field of know-how.

We develop individual solutions for you!

NORKA Automation supports its customers at every step of product development, from the initial requirement for a product, through the realization concept, feasibility check and market opportunities, to the first prototype and its series production. For this purpose, at the end of each development step the characteristics and the properties of the future product are validated and discussed with the customer. In this way, each customer receives his optimal solution.

During the product development, we strictly follow the methodical procedure according to VDI 2221 Part 1 and use the V-Model, which is described in VDI 2206.

V-Model VDI 2206
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