Versatile competence in building automation and lighting solutions

In the industrial field NORKA Automation offers with ScaleControl individual solutions for building automation. Thereby our main focus is on lighting management of complex lighting systems. In building automation, actuators and control elements are networked, monitored, regulated and controlled at the field level. With an optional connection of ScaleControl to the higher-level control systems, our automation system can be easily integrated into the building management system.

In the field of equestrian sports, we have a complete solution for equestrian facility operators with SmartStable®. Whereby it combines lighting control, riding ground watering, monitoring of door and window contacts and much more and can be realized individually according to your wishes.

Further main focuses of NORKA Automation

NORKA Automation offers comprehensive services not only in the areas of lighting control, building automation, but also in the areas of special luminaires as well as product development. We also have comprehensive competence in the areas of maintenance of control systems, research as well as in failure analysis of LED light sources and lighting systems.

For existing as well as for new objects we would be pleased to work out a comprehensive project solutions for you.

  • Lighting control

  • Lighting design

  • Building automation

  • (De)centralised control

  • Equine adapted light - Horse Centric Lighting

  • EquiControl - System control of riding facilities

  • WaCoNa - automatic drip irrigation of riding arenas

  • Lighting design for riding facilities

  • LED-luminaries for the horse husbandry

  • SONNA-luminaries

  • Luminaries for photo und video capturing

  • Retrofit-luminaries

  • Product development and prototyping

  • Design of LED-lighting systems

  • Development of electronic - Hardware und Software

  • Control system applications

  • Horse Centric Lighting & EquiLumen

  • Human Centric Lighting

  • Horticulture

  • Autarkic lighting systems

  • Predictive Maintenance

  • System monitoring

  • Acquisition of operating data

  • Partial failure detection of luminaires

  • Failure and reliability analyses of LED systems

  • Collection of field data

  • Life cycle tests

  • Tests und simulations


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