ScaleControl in the FIBA Pasing

Complex. Innovative. Cost-efficient.

For the new vehicle maintenance and treatment facility (FIBA) of the Deutsche Bahn in Munich Pasing with 5 maintenance train tracks NORKA Automation developed a lighting management system – a complete solution tailored to the special requirements. The entire ScaleControl lighting control including the switch cabinet, the PLC programming as well as the commissioning were planned and realized by NORKA Automation. During commissioning, our staff flexibly implemented modified specifications and handed over the plant ready for operation.

The 130,000 ft² (12,000 m²) facility was successfully commissioned in autumn 2017. On 5 maintenance train tracks with a length of 660 ft (200 m) each on 3 levels (pit, side wall of the train, roof working platform) trains are illuminated flexibly and according to requirements by approx. 1,500 DALI controlled lights of the company NORKA. Daylight-dependent lighting control, motion detection, night light function, luminaire error detection and energy monitoring provide noticeable energy savings and high comfort in the maintenance facility.

Furthermore, monitoring of 70 single-battery emergency and escape sign luminaires with automatic testing and corresponding standard-compliant documentation via the lighting management system was implemented. An electronic book was created for the FIBA in accordance with VDE 0108-100. Control and monitoring/testing of the emergency luminaires takes place in a central control cabinet. The ScaleControl management system, which is connected to the facility management system, also has attractive visualization and remote maintenance function. Optimal total and sectional working light, employee-friendly, economical, durable and future-proof.

  • 1,500 luminaires on 5 maintenance train tracks with 3 lighting levels
  • 70 single-battery safety/emergency lights
  • 32 daylight sensors and 120 radar detectors
  • Daylight-dependent lighting control
  • Motion detection
  • Night light function
  • Energy monitoring, fault detection, connection to the BMS
  • Electronic test book according to VDE 0108-100
  • Visualization, remote maintenance

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