LED horticulture light for modern greenhouses

Climate change, natural environmental protection and a continuously growing world population are shaping our society. Food production can make a positive contribution to this and must therefore become more efficient and sustainable to achieve this. To this end, more and more plants are being grown in greenhouses in a controlled environment, because controlled plant cultivation reduces water consumption and minimizes the use of fertilizers and pesticides. At the same time, the effectiveness of this type of cultivation is significantly limited by the solar cycle.

NORKA Automation offers LED lighting solutions which make it possible to completely avoid sunlight or supplement natural light with artificial light sources. This allows, for example, to transform fallow land or areas in densely populated regions into valuable food oases (urban farming).

Features of our horticulture luminaires

  • High system efficiency with up to 2.8 PPF/W
  • Adjustable reflector
  • Multi-channel solutions with white, blue and red colours
  • Appliance class 2 with the degrees of protection IP65 to IP67
  • IFS- and HACCP-conform
  • Can be controlled via DALI or NFC
  • Robust housing with smooth surfaces

Advantages of our horticulture luminaires

  • Plant type adapted light spectrum
  • No dirt accumulation and easy to clean
  • Dynamic light behaviour with our lighting management
  • Quick installation and minimal maintenance efforts
  • Additional luminaire intelligence in combination with our control solutions

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