Complex failure analysis of LED light sources and DALI systems

For our customers we offer the service of failure analysis of LED light sources. The focus of the investigations is on complex analyses of individual LEDs, determination of the causes of failure, modeling, electrical simulations and controlled replications of the failures under laboratory conditions. Failure causes of complete LED luminaires can thus be reproduced. Consequently, appropriate countermeasures can be initiated in the affected lighting system. Several years of experience and many successes underline our competence in the field of failure analysis of LED light sources.

We find the root of the problem!

Likewise, we have extensive expertise in investigations into the misbehavior of entire DALI lighting systems. The holistic view of the lighting with all other consumers in the network are taken into account. Long-term analyses of the DALI network and the power supply with detailed evaluation of the results are offered as well as the elaboration of improvement proposals for our customers.

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