We are sponsoring the world champions in vaulting

NORKA Automation is involved in equestrian sports as a sponsor. Thus, the team "NORKA Automation" of the vaulting club Cologne-Dünnwald is supported and promoted by us.

Vice German Champion 2019

The newly assembled team "NORKA Automation" could also celebrate important successes in 2019. At the German Championships 2019 in Alsfeld, Hesse, the Cologne vaulters only had to admit defeat behind this year's European Vice-Champions from VV Ingelsberg.

After the 2018 World Equestrian Games, Corinna Knauf retired from the team and concentrated on individual vaulting. Torben Jacobs has ended his active career and now takes on the coaching role of Team NORKA Automation together with Patric Looser. It was also the first season for the 10-year-old Calidor as a group horse of the team. Nobody could expect such a top ranking in the run-up to the season. This success gives hope for the coming years!

Double World Champion 2018

The vaulting competitions of the World Equestrian Games were held in Tryon in the USA from September 18-22, 2018. As in the previous year, Team NORKA of the Vaulting Club Cologne-Dünnwald was allowed to provide the team for the German team.

After the compulsory test, the team was ranked second behind the Swiss team with a gap of almost 0.2 points. But already after the first freestyle, which was also included in the Nations Cup classification, the Cologne vaulters were able to move past the Swiss team to first place. And so it was already said here: Gold for Germany in the Nations Cup.

On the final day Team NORKA could also show a strong performance and thus also win gold in the team competition. With an overall score of 8.638 the group won ahead of Switzerland (8.433) and Austria (8.198).

"For us, this medal means the world," rejoiced Torben Jacobs. The lunger Patric Looser felt the same: "It's crazy. We made history with the victory in the Nations Cup and now here with the group. Everyone did a fantastic job and we could just enjoy it."

European Champion 2017

The European Vaulting Championships took place in Ebreichsdorf in Austria from August 2 - 6, 2017. This year Team NORKA of the Vaulting Club Cologne Dünnwald was allowed to participate in the competitions for Germany.

The third gold medal and the seventh medal in total for Germany was won by Team NORKA of the Vaulting Club Cologne-Dünnwald at the end of the competition. The group of lunger leader Patric Looser managed an impressive recovery with their 15-year-old Oldenburg Danny Boy. In total there were three rounds for the team from Köln Dünnwald. The competition started with the compulsory test, which they finished in 3rd place.

On the second day of the competition, they pushed themselves past Team Wildegg from Austria to second place with their victory in the first freestyle. Before the final, Switzerland was the only country left ahead of the 2016 German Champions, but in the end the nerves of Torben Jacobs (Cologne), Thomas Brüsewitz (Garbsen), Corinna Knauf (Cologne), Justin Van Gerven (Bergisch Gladbach), Miro Rengel (Cologne) and Jana Zelesny (Cologne) held their own in the witch's cauldron of the Magna Racino. The group also won the final freestyle (8.792) and passed Switzerland in the final count with 8.419 points. The team from Lütisburg, which scored 8.542 points, was just behind Cologne-Dünnwald with 8.407 points.

Many Cologne club members had travelled to Ebreichsdorf to cheer on their team. But also the people at home could join in the live stream on their computers. Accordingly, the club was very happy about the victory of the team. Team NORKA thus secured the first gold medal in the team competition at a championship in the history of the club.

German Champion 2016

After three exciting rounds, the first tournament group was able to win the overall classification and thus became German Champion in group vaulting for the first time in the history of the Cologne Vaulters.

The Rhinelanders from VV Köln-Dünnwald ensured a start-finish victory in Verden. Already with the duty the team of lunge leader Patric Looser on the back of Danny Boy could gain a wafer-thin advantage over VV Ingelsberg. In the following two freestyles, no team came close to the team's King of the Lions choreography. With the final freestyle score of 9.429 points and an overall result of 8.762 points, the Cologne team provided a clear lead.

"We are mega happy and satisfied, as the whole team has delivered. The team was under pressure because they wanted to show that they would have been ready a week earlier at Le Mans and would have liked to beat the French World Champion for a third time this year," said Looser, who had narrowly missed qualifying for the World Championship with his team in the duel against Ingelsberg.

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