LED stroboscope luminaires for professional photo and video recordings

Professional photo shootings and video recordings need high quality lighting. NORKA Automation has designed a special series of stroboscope luminaires for this purpose. The stroboscope frequency of these luminaires can be ramped up to the kHz range with suitable LED drivers. Our stroboscope luminaires are particularly well suited for high-speed recordings such as high-speed photography, slow motion, bullet time or frozen reality.

The modular design of the lights allows for a variety of construction options, and is particularly well suited for fixed installations. Individual mounting requirements can be implemented in the design of the luminaires, as well as special color temperature or special shape. The compact linear light sources with highly efficient and true-color LEDs provide an extreme amount of light with low power dissipation. For particularly large installations, we are pleased to develop an overall lighting concept with a secure power supply and suitable lighting control. Our stroboscope luminaires for yuor professinal applications.

Features of our stroboscope luminaires

  • Scalable light output with up to 65,000 lumens per luminaire and beyond
  • Large diffuse illuminated surfaces
  • Illuminance up to 8,000 lux and more at 40 inches (1 metre) of distance
  • Colour rendering index over 90
  • IR-LED can be used for infrared photography and video recording
  • Fixed colour temperature between 3000 K and 6500 K
  • Stroboscope frequency up to 10 kHz
  • Multiple control channels
  • Modular design
  • Passive cooling
  • Low-reflection because of matt housing surface

Advantages of our stroboscope luminaires

  • Extremely high light intencity
  • Suitable for high speed photography (Highspeed, SlowMo, Bullet Time)
  • Low reflection of luminary's housing
  • Individual designs possible
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Expandable
  • Flexible assembly

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