Equine adapted light in highest quality

NORKA Automation offers horse enthusiasts and riding facility operators comprehensive automation of a riding facility with SmartStable ®, with the main focus on lighting control. The EquiLight ® luminaires, which are suitable for horses, are a part of the lighting concept of a modern riding facility, because horses see differently than we humans do. These luminaires are therefore adapted to the special sense of sight of horses. They also provide high-quality light for the human eye. In combination with our EquiControl ® control, a soft light switching and different light scenes can be realized very easily.

High brightness at low luminance is given by the large diffuse luminous surfaces. This results in a high and uniform illuminance, whereby the horse and the human are not blinded by the EquiLight ® luminaires. In addition, the cooling-rib-free luminaires prevent dirt accumulation on their smooth surfaces and ensure easy cleaning.

Features of EquiLight ® luminaires

  • Large diffuse illuminated surfaces
  • High brightness at low light density
  • Appliance class 2 with the degree of protection IP65
  • VDE-certified, IFS- und HACCP-conform
  • High light efficiency with the modern LED generation
  • No cooling ribs on the luminaire surfaces
  • Soft shadows and smooth brightness transitions in combination with professional lighting design

Advantages of the EquiLight ® luminaires

  • Easy to install
  • Safe and pleasant light for horses and riders
  • Best possible illumination with low glare
  • No dirt accumulation on the smooth luminaire surfaces
  • Easy to clean

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