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At NORKA Automation, we research in the areas of lighting, predictive maintenance, and demand-oriented ground humidification. We focus specifically on predictive maintenance of lighting systems, species-appropriate LED lighting in horse husbandry (Horse Centric Lighting) and effective ground humidification of riding arenas. Furthermore, we make investigations on automation and lighting in the segment of horticulture.

he results of the analyses are published

The first scientific results on horse-centric LED lighting have already been published in 2019. In the study, the curve of light sensitivity for horses could be derived based on the horizontal and vertical fields of view, the color perception of horses, the visual neutral point and the eye structure of the animals. This allowed us to derive a concept for an equine-appropriate LED light source and an animal species-appropriate light control system. With the unit of EquiLumen introduced, a proposal for assessing the brightness sensitivity of horses was also elaborated.

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