Quick troubleshooting with the secure remote maintenance option

NORKA Automation offers its customers the option of remote maintenance. This function enables spatially separated access to the system for maintenance and repair purposes. During the connection, the current cyber security standards are always followed and fulfilled. Both the system operator and the installer or maintenance partner can access the system with an access permit via network. In addition to reading out and changing setting parameters of the control system, derived values such as current energy consumption can also be determined. Faults and malfunctions in the system can be quickly detected and eliminated by the technical staff via remote access. With remote access for remote maintenance, the following additional safety precautions can be implemented:

  • Enabling remote maintenance access via hardware (switch, plug, key switch, etc.)
  • Explicit consent to remote access before establishing connection (password, release, etc.)
  • Additional software passwords for adjusting settings and parameters in the PLC software
  • Technician must authenticate before connecting for remote maintenance

Possibilities of remote maintenance and remote access

  • With a remote access function, we have the option of access to your system from our bureau
  • We are able to read out and adjust the setting parameters at any time
  • You have a reliable and competent partner at your side who is very familiar with your system
  • Your employees can concentrate on their core tasks. We take care of the maintenance
  • The software and firmware can be easily updated
  • Specialist support for the conversion / redesign of your plant

Advantages of remote maintenance

  • Secure maintenance according to the actual cyber security standards
  • A competent and reliable maintenance partner at your side, who looks after your system professionally
  • Reduction of maintenance costs, as most faults are quickly rectified with remote access without the need for an expensive journey
  • Minimising the downtime of your plant through fast access by specialists
  • Flexibility in the redesign of your plant
  • Reduction of personnel costs, as no specialist staff is required
  • Proper selection of spare parts (e.g. lamps, sensors, operating devices, control elements, etc.)

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