Smart and networked equestrian facility - your SmartStable ®

As managing director of NORKA Automation GmbH and a passionate horse enthusiast, Me - Martin C. Stäcker - and my team develop solutions for building automation and lighting control. Both from my experience as a horse owner and active riding club member as well as from the many years of sponsoring the world champion award-winning team of the vaulting club Cologne-Dünnwald "Team NORKA Automation", I know how important correct lighting is for horses. I would like to bring this knowledge and our technical know-how to your riding facility with my creative highly motivated team of specialists.

With SmartStable ® we offer professional lighting and system control for horse stables and equestrian facilities. We use our in-house developed EquiLight® LED luminaires for equine lighting. In addition, a well thought-out riding facility control system makes the everyday life of the equestrian facility operator, the riders and the horses easier by offering a lot of comfort and unimagined flexibility. With SmartStable ® you get the entire riding facility automation and the appropriate lighting from one source. The highest possible lighting quality and a well thought-out lighting and automation concept for your entire equestrian facility from NORKA Automation let your equestrian facility appear in a new light. Thereby the flexibility, the best lighting comfort, the long lifetime, the high energy saving and the possibility to receive public subsidies complete the lighting and control systems of your riding facility.

On-demand riding area humidification with WaCoNA

Thanks to our intelligent WaCoNA irrigation control system, you can adjust the soil moisture of your riding surfaces in a water-saving way. In contrast to common control systems, the humidification of outdoor riding arenas with WaCoNA takes place according to demand and thus saves valuable fresh water. To do this, the control software evaluates local weather data and uses mathematical models to determine the amount of water needed.

Equine lighting and holistic riding facility solutions from NORKA Automation - SmartStable ®.


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