Customized LED specialised luminaires

For customer-specific requirements, individual and optimal luminaire solutions are assembled and developed using modern LED technology. Customized solutions are designed and manufactured for existing installations as well as for new planning. The technical specification and quality criteria are compiled together with our customers and implemented by us. Our comprehensive support offers you the full service from a concept to the finished serial product.

For professional photo shootings and video capturing we have designed a special stroboscope luminaires series. Its modular design allows for a variety of construction options, and it is particularly well suited for fixed installations. In addition, individual mounting requirements can be implemented in the luminaire design.

We also offer individual and customized retrofit solutions for existing installations with with grandfathering or historic preservation status. After evaluating the overall installation situation (luminaire environment, energy supply, actual standards, customer request, etc.), we develop an individual and standard-compliant retrofit concept for your needs. From this, we construct a custom-fit conversion set for your existing lighting installation.

Standard lighting solutions and specialised luminaires in highest quality

In the field of equestrian husbandry, we have developed special EquiLight® LED luminaires. They meet all current VDE standards and are of the highest quality - Made in Germany. In addition, the light of these luminaires is adapted to the special sense of sight of horses. However, they also provide high-quality light for the human eye.

Photovoltaic systems with safety extra-low voltage (SELV) are often used for self-sufficient power supply solutions in remote areas without public power supply or for mobile installations. For such systems, we have developed the SONNA luminaire with variable SELV input voltage. Therefore, the SONNA luminaire can be powered directly from a solar cell or from a battery while generating constant light.

The areas of Horticulture and Urban Farming require special lighting solutions. For this purpose we have developed horticulture luminaires. They make it possible to grow plants without sunlight or to supplement natural light with artificial light sources. Low maintenance and high harvests are guaranteed by the light adapted to the respective plants, IFS and HACCP conformity and IP65+ protection.

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