The intelligent irrigation WaCoNA control for professional riding arenas

NORKA Automation has developed the intelligent WaCoNA control system for demanding and professional riding arenas. WaCoNA stands for "Water Control by NORKA Automation". Thanks to our WaCoNA system, the humidification of the riding surfaces is fully automatic, whereby the intensity of the humidification can be individually parameterized by the operator. The control system is ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor riding arenas.

In contrast to the common control systems, the humidification of riding arenas with WaCoNA takes place according to demand and thus saves valuable fresh water. For this purpose, the control software evaluates the local weather data and uses mathematical models to determine the required amount of water. If it is raining, no water is applied; if it is dry, water is applied. When icy temperatures threaten, the irrigation hoses are protected from frost damage by being emptied fully automatically.

Leakages and blockages can be reliable & effectively detected

The WaCoNA control system also makes it easier to maintain the irrigation system. This is because a self-learning algorithm detects underground leakages as well as blockages in the system and informs the operator by email or SMS. Other events relevant to operation can also be reported. An optional remote maintenance module with the latest cyber security standards also provides functional security, as function adjustments and troubleshooting can be handled quickly and securely.

The WaCoNA system is part of SmartStable® and can only be purchased exclusively from Bohlmann Reitböden.

Possibilities of WaCoNA control system

  • Full control of soil moisture, according to needs and individual
  • Automatic operation of the system
  • Humidification without interruption, even while using the area
  • With local live weather data - only as much water as necessary
  • Automatic anti-freeze emptying
  • Self-diagnosis with detection of leakage and blockage
  • Different water sources can be used: water storage, wells or public utilities

Optional extensions of WaCoNA

  • Flexible switching between different water sources
  • Fault and event notification by email or SMS
  • Remote maintenance module for flexible parameter adjustment and function extensions
  • Logging of the usage data and events
  • Monitoring of water supply

Picture source reference: The cover picture and the correspondingly marked pictures were made available with the kind permission of the riding surface specialist Bohlmann Reitböden.


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