Sustainable modernisation of existing lighting facilities with grandfathering status

In lighting, retrofit refers to the conversion of existing lighting systems to modern LED technology. NORKA Automation offers individual and customer-specific retrofit solutions for existing installations and plants with grandfathering or historic preservation status. In doing so, we examine the overall installation situation (luminaire environment, energy supply, current standards, etc.) and develop an individual and standard-compliant conversion concept from this. Customer requirements are always taken into account. From the concept, we design a product and construct a custom-fit conversion set for your existing lighting installation.

If possible, the conversion and functional testing of the luminaires is carried out in our own production facility. If this is not possible, your lighting system can be retrofitted by us on site. Alternatively, we make a training for your installers for the correct retrofit. Thus, you will receive a retrofit solution from us as a new luminaire with a nameplate, CE declaration and warranty. If desired and possible, the modernized luminaires can also be equipped with additional intelligence.

Advantages of our retrofit solutions

  • Retention of old luminaires with their external design
  • No new cabling necessary
  • Extension of the luminaires lifetime
  • Latest technology applied to existing luminaires with much better light quality
  • Plug-and-play
  • Guaranteed and safe operation
  • Extension of functionality: controllability, diagnostics
  • Compliance with current standards and regulations
  • Reduction of operating and maintenance costs
  • Availability of replacement parts ensured
  • Cost-effective upgrade of your facility

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