Building automation & lighting management systems with ScaleControl

At NORKA Automation ScaleControl stands for modular and scalable building automation with the main focus on lighting management. Lighting systems as well as heating systems and ventilation systems can be controlled, regulated and monitored across rooms in professional quality. ScaleControl building control system can be implemented both centrally and in distributed application according to your requirements.

With ScaleControl elements of the field level (switches, buttons, sensors, luminaires, valves as well as motors) from different crafts are networked among each other and connected with the control panels in the control level. Thereby the intelligent algorithms of ScaleControl allow a fully automatic operation of your plants with an extensive self-diagnosis and a sophisticated error management. System events relevant for operation and safety are logged for fault analysis. If desired by the customer, critical errors can be reported immediately to the plant operator via email or SMS.

ScaleControl - future-proof building automation & lighting control

With an optional IoT connection of our ScaleControl control, many paths into the future open up. Thus, remote maintenance according to demand can be realized. Thus, the operating life of your plant can be effectively extended. In addition, thanks to the versatile system monitoring and the possibility of remote access, the plant operator can eliminate the possible troubles in the shortest time and minimize the downtime of the plant. Thus ScaleControl is an important part of the technical facility management.

If desired, we can offer not only a professional building management system, but also a suitable lighting system for your project. For this purpose, our specialists will prepare a DIN-compliant lighting design. From this, the exact number of lights, the detailed positioning plan as well as a suitable number of control elements will be determined. Detailed documents such as maintenance plans, wiring diagrams, acceptance protocols, etc. are also supplied as a matter of course.


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