ScaleControl in the Univercity Hall Wuppertal

At the touch of a finger. According to demand. Flexible.

In autumn 2018 NORKA Automation commissioned the ScaleControl lighting management system in the Univercity Hall Wuppertal. A total of 186 individually addressable DALI luminaires by NORKA, divided into 24 areas (grandstands, sports areas, scene area), as well as 60 emergency luminaires by INOTEC Sicherheitstechnik were installed in the modernized sports facility. The hall lighting, which is controlled by 36 high bay sensors from Osram, 3 motion sensors from B.E.G. and 4 daylight sensors from S+S Regeltechnik, is controlled centrally and flexibly by our ScaleControl control system.

The entire lighting management – including the wired control cabinet, PLC programming and commissioning – was planned and realized by NORKA Automation. The delivery was carried out ready for connection with the corresponding documentation, assembly instructions and acceptance protocol. Due to the use of the hall for sports and entertainment events as well as university and clubs activities, all lighting areas were provided with corresponding lighting scenes: handball games of the 1st Handball Bundesliga of the BHC 06, concerts, university sports events, entertainment events, clubs training. During commissioning, the control cabinet was connected to the central fire alarm system and the lighting algorithms were defined for emergency situations. Via three touch panels, programmed and pre-configured by us, all operating and setting options are easily and conveniently available from the control room and two adjoining rooms. The control cabinet was prepared and delivered by NORKA Automation for the planned later extension of the lighting control in the course of a further renovation of the sanitary rooms, changing rooms, corridors as well as the outdoor area.

  • 186 individually addressable DALI luminaries
  • 60 emergency luminaries
  • 24 flexible DALI areas
  • 36 high bay sensors, 3 motion sensors, 4 daylight sensors
  • Ready-to-connect control cabinet
  • 3 pre-configured touch panels
  • Panic light function
  • Connection of the lighting system to the central fire alarm system

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