ScaleControl control system tailored to your needs

A central control system is set up at one location in one or more control cabinets. All parameters of the system (sensors, actuators, operating elements, etc.) are collected and evaluated centrally. The control signals are sent from this central point to the participants of the network. The relevant system data can thereby be easily collected and evaluated and used for further purposes. With central systems, the function of remote maintenance can be easily implemented and used.

Alternatively, there are decentralised solutions in which the control system acts locally and autonomously. There is no connection to a higher-level system. With such distributed applications, the relevant measurement data can only be collected locally with a lot of effort and must be read out on site. There is no possibility of remote maintenance.

NORKA Automation works with both central systems and distributed applications. Based on the customer's wishes and the plant characteristics, the best possible control concept is developed and implemented.

Possibilities of different control systems

Central control systems

  • Suitable for large installations
  • A central point of facility control
  • Centralised data collection of the system
  • Possibility of remote maintenance of the system
  • Complete overview of the whole system at a single look
  • Quick troubleshooting and fault elimination
  • Larger wiring of the system
  • Higher initial cost of the system

Decentralised control systems

  • Suitable for small installations
  • Many self-sufficient points of intersection in the facility
  • Complicated data collection
  • No possibility to remote maintenance of the system
  • Poor overview with large installations
  • Sources of error can be narrowed down quickly
  • Smaller wiring of the installation
  • Lower initial cost of the system

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