ScaleControl lighting management - your smart and demand-responsive lighting system

In a building, lighting is an essential part of the technical equipment. At NORKA Automation, lighting management is a main focus in the field of building automation and is a part of ScaleControl. With our lighting management solutions, we unify sensors, luminaires and control panels into a durable and reliable functional unit. Functional sequences of the lighting are thus carried out automatically, according to predefined settings, and their monitoring and operation are simplified.

The automation of a lighting system takes place via a defined communication standard. For us, this is usually the robust DALI communication protocol. DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface. Each DALI operating device can be controlled individually via its own DALI address. The bidirectional data exchange with the control unit not only allows the brightness of the luminaire to be set, but also the status of the luminaire's control gear and its light source to be queried. The lighting system can thus be controlled and the intensity and colour temperature of the light can be changed.

Lighting management - functionality and comfort take precedence

With our ScaleControl lighting management system, the focus is on functionality and comfort. The necessary hardware components (sensors, relays, terminals, controllers and, if necessary, luminaires) are selected from a broad manufacturer portfolio to match the required functions. NORKA Automation basically works independently of manufacturers. Depending on the scope and complexity of the control system, all control components have their application-dependent advantages and disadvantages. Our many years of experience have resulted in our own favourites for every challenge. Your advantage: You receive a desired lighting control solution adapted to your needs at a fair price that functions reliably, with low maintenance and a long service life.

  • The luminaires can be individually monitored and controlled
  • The lighting can be switched according to need
  • The light can be dimmed according to the time of day and season using daylight sensors and astro-clock
  • With TunableWhite luminaires, the lighting control system offers fully automatic and dynamic colour temperature adjustment
  • The lighting can be controlled according to movement or presence
  • With the lighting control system, the loss of light over time of the LEDs can be dynamically compensated for with the CLO function

A selection of functions of our lighting management


  • Switching the luminaires via switching contacts (relays)
  • Dimming the luminaires with DALI, KNX, etc.
  • Motion and presence-dependent light switching / light dimming
  • Daylight-dependent illuminance control (daylight control)
  • Time-dependent light switching / light dimming
  • Multi-level light dimming / light control (cf. corridor function)


  • Single-sensor light measurement and motion detection
  • Multi-sensor light measurement and motion detection
  • Soft twilight switch with brightness and time hysteresis
  • Evaluation of digital and analogue sensors


  • Intrinsic monitoring of the system
  • Fault diagnosis of the control system
  • Fault query lighting system for general and emergency luminaires
  • Failure compensation of the luminaires
  • Sensor failure detection


  • Electronic logbook for single-battery emergency luminaires
  • Energy monitoring with instantaneous power indication and total energy consumption
  • Fault monitoring with logbook
  • Event logging: Motion sensors, button actuation, etc.


  • Operation via command signalling devices (e.g. push-buttons with indicator lights)
  • Operation via HMI (e.g. web visualisation, touch panel, etc.)
  • Parameterisation with access control via a user interface

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