Smart service and our after-sales

NORKA Automation offers its customers regular and professional maintenance of the automation system as an after-sales service. For the maintenance of your system, we will prepare a precise and economical service plan. Such a comprehensive plan simplifies the maintenance of your system and the associated controls. It is very important to follow the maintenance plan, because it ensures safety and compliance with standards, as well as prolongs the operating lifetime of the entire system. In addition, the maintenance work can be planned in advance and carried out on time. Maintenance costs are also easy to calculate in advance.

During on-site maintenance, your system is examined in its entirety by our experienced staff. For example, soiling on the ceilings, walls, floors and lighting elements is inspected. In case of severe deviations, the maintenance plan will be adapted to the new conditions, if necessary. Furthermore, during each on-site maintenance, light measurements are taken at safety-relevant points and the settings of the light sensors are readjusted.

Secure and future-oriented maintenance with IoT connection

With an optional remote maintenance function, we can eliminate faults in your system quickly, effectively and at low cost after your approval. Also adjustments of settings and small regroupings can be made by us quickly. The communication of a remote maintenance is of course carried out with current cybersecurity standards.

In the area of predictive maintenance, we have developed an AI-controlled module for monitoring the service lifetime of general and safety lighting. LED degradation and total failure of individual luminaires are precisely predicted. The notification service and a fully automated pre-ordering of spare parts minimize your personnel and maintenance costs. The monitoring of your lighting system is done by our ScaleControl automation system.

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