Failure analysis of LED-luminaires and build-up of a database

Failure analysis of LED-luminaires and build-up of a database

The lifetime of modern energy-saving luminares is in the range of over 100,000 operating hours. This is made possible by the use of extremely long-life LEDs. Regardless of this fact, in the field there are isolated cases of damage to LED luminares, which in some cases even lead to total failure. ISO 9001 certified manufacturers are obliged to determine and classify the cause of damage. In case of serial defects, appropriate measures must be taken immediately to eliminate the defect and improve the product. For small and medium-sized companies, this process is costly, time-consuming and consumes many resources that are needed for product development. To reduce the effort and speed up the analysis, a case database is to be set up and filled with information from current complaint cases with LED damages. A comparison of the damage patterns of subsequent complaints with the database should help to quickly determine the cause of the damage and thus significantly reduce the effort involved. New, as yet unknown damage patterns are to be added to the database at a later date. The database is to be used in addition to later statistical damage analyses. A corresponding interface to external analysis tools shall also be implemented.

Vacancy Overview

Your tasks

  • Development of a concept for the structure of the database and interfaces
  • Consideration of the design of a damage pattern and keyword search function
  • Carrying out damage analysis of the complaints
  • Fill the database with analysis results
  • Test operation of the database
Failure analysis of LED-luminaires and build-up of a database
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your profile

  • Communication skills and organizational talent
  • Reliability, team spirit and commitment
  • Knowledge of the legal basis of the VOB (German Construction Contract Procedures)
  • Completed training as master craftsman or technician in the field of electrical engineering
  • Very good knowledge of German
  • English knowledge >/li>English knowledge
  • Driver’s license class B
  • English
  • Deutsch