Algorithm for failure monitoring of LED networks

Model-based algorithm for failure and degradation monitoring of LED networks while in operation

In industrial applications, modern energy-saving lighting systems are subject to high reliability requirements by the system operators. Under this pressure, luminaire manufacturers make lifetime specifications for their products of up to 100,000 hours or give guarantees of up to 8 years. This requires a solid and durable luminaire construction and high reliability of individual components. In special applications, automatic luminous flux and failure monitoring of individual light points for each luminaire is required for design reasons and to prevent accidents or even criminal offences. The operation of a luminaire must not be interrupted or hindered. One of the solution approaches is the use of LED network models (LED Arrays, COBs). With only a few sensors, the average electrical, thermal and photometric operating data of a luminaire should be recorded. The measured data are fed into a multiphysical LED network model, from which the state of the LED network is determined. The degree of degradation of the luminaire or individual light points is determined by comparison with reference data.

Vacancy Overview

Your tasks

  • Installation and commissioning of an Arduino based test lamp with LED network and necessary sensors
  • Implementation of LED network models in programming language C or C++
  • Algorithm development
  • Test realization with failure modelling
  • Functional testing of the algorithms
Algorithm for failure monitoring of LED networks
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Your profile

  • Communication skills and organisational talent
  • Reliability, team spirit and commitment
  • Knowledge of the legal basis of the VOB
  • Completed education as master craftsman or technician in the field of electrical engineering
  • Very good knowledge of German
  • English language skills
  • Class B driving licence
  • English
  • Deutsch