Human Centric Lighting with PLC and DALI

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) with PLC and DALI

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is a form of artificial lighting that has increasingly conquered the market in recent years. The blue component in the light spectrum and the brightness are changed via two control channels of a luminaire in such a way that it reflects the natural lighting conditions during the course of a day. HCL based lighting systems have a positive effect on people and can increase their well-being and ability to work. Most HCL luminaires have integrated control units that control the light values of the respective luminaire. The control parameters and the limit values are permanently stored in the device. In addition, the control unit must be adapted to the LEDs used. Subsequent changes in the lighting system are almost impossible and additions carry the risk of a colour difference. An alternative is a central control technology using PLC controllers. This also controls the spectrum and brightness via DALI. Changes are made centrally at one point. In addition, the possibility of colour shift due to degradation or manufacturing tolerances is opened up individually for each luminaire.

Vacancy Overview

Your tasks

  • Construction of a development environment with several HCL luminaires and PLC controller
  • Functional development
  • Functional test
Human Centric Lighting with PLC and DALI
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Your profile

  • Communication skills and organisational talent
  • Reliability, team spirit and commitment
  • Knowledge of the legal basis of the VOB
  • Completed education as master craftsman or technician in the field of electrical engineering
  • Very good knowledge of German
  • English language skills
  • Class B driving licence
  • English
  • Deutsch