Development of a Life Cycle Monitoring (LCM) module

Development of a Life Cycle Monitoring (LCM) module for LED networks

Due to ever shorter product development cycles and simultaneously increasing quality requirements, luminaire manufacturers are focusing on the real world when developing new product generations. operating data from the field. Real field data extends the information from the development and test phase and allows better statements about requirements and product characteristics. The field data thus enables efficient development and more reliable operating forecasts. Partial damage and wear can thus be detected at an early stage and consequential damage or dangerous situations can be avoided. However, the acquisition of field data at a reasonable cost is a problem. For this purpose and to solve the problem, a life cycle monitoring module is to be used in selected field lights of a lighting system. This module records the relevant operating data of an LED protective tube reflector representative of the entire system and determines the actual drop in performance over the operating period. If permissible operating parameters are exceeded and partial damage is detected, the module generates warning messages. The measurement and reporting data are transmitted to the central data collection point via a communication interface.

Vacancy Overview

Your tasks

  • Development of module specifications and a requirements list
  • Design and selection of suitable components according to specifications
  • Development and construction of a laboratory functional sample
  • Construction of a prototype for test use in a luminaire
Development of a Life Cycle Monitoring (LCM) module
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  • Communication skills and organisational talent
  • Reliability, team spirit and commitment
  • Knowledge of the legal basis of the VOB
  • Completed education as master craftsman or technician in the field of electrical engineering
  • Very good knowledge of German
  • English language skills
  • Class B driving licence
  • English
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