Federal subsidy for efficient buildings (BEG)

Federal subsidy for efficient buildings (BEG)

An important milestone towards meeting the climate target

28.01.2021: From now on, our ScaleControl and SmartStable controls as well as our specialised luminaires and specialist planning (e.g. lighting design) are subsidisable at 20 percent and 50 percent respectively.

From 7th January 2021, the new federal subsidy for efficient buildings (BEG) has come into the law. The BEG subsidises not only the renovation or replacement of old, inefficient heating or lighting systems. For the first time, however, digitalisation projects including control and regulating systems will also be financially supported.

In the case of a renovation of the system technology including the installation of energy-efficient lighting systems in non-residential buildings, the eligible minimum investment volume is 2,000 euros (net). The subsidy rate is 20 percent of the eligible expenditure. The eligible expenditure for energy-efficient refurbishment projects is capped at 1,000 euros per square metre of net floor area. The maximum cap is 15 million euros.

Support is also provided for specialist energy planning and construction support services in connection with the implementation of eligible measures in non-residential buildings. Consultation, planning, installation and other activities necessary to carry out the actual refurbishment (e.g. replacement of electrical distribution, sub-distribution, metering systems, risers and even painting work) are subsidised. The subsidy rate is 50 percent of the eligible expenses. The eligible costs are capped at 5 euros per square metre of net floor area. Funding is limited to a maximum of 20,000 euros per grant decision.

We will be happy to assist you with your application.

Further information can be found at BMWI, ZVEI or Bafa.

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